The founder of Maple Express has roots in food delivery.

From our humble beginning

Startup Timeline

We never imagined forming a startup in the US.

The idea of starting up Maple Express spawned after the founder decided he wanted to join the Amazon Delivery Service Partner program.

Latest News

  1. Project Postponed 2 / 8 / 2023

    The founder is taking part with a startup accelerator in March 2023. Maple Express will be postponed and re-explored in the future.

  2. Idea for Maple Express 01 / 15 / 2023

    The founder conceived the idea of Maple Express. The founder is interested in drone deliveries. Originally, the founder wanted to track the elderly in Japan using drone technology and IoT. Unable to receive funding, he focused on package delivery to test out the technology.

  3. Website launched 1 / 16 / 2023

    The website for Maple Express was launched. The site was designed with Astro and Tailwind CSS. Maple Express will rely on Jamstack and microservices for its future projects.