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Taking control of your deliveries

Going the distance with EV and Deliveries. Maple Express is using new technology to help make your deliveries more sustainable.

Focusing on EV-only Delivery

Electric delivery vehicles are cost-efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. They are more reliable than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, which can cause fewer delays and more consistent service.

We know electric vehicles are better for the environment, as they do not emit any harmful gases or pollutants. We hope this can help us gain customers and help us build a positive image in the community.

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Innovating with drone deliveries

Drones are cost-effective and do not require a large infrastructure for delivery, meaning they can be used in remote areas.

In addition, drones can be programmed to fly autonomously, so the delivery process can be automated, saving time and money. Finally, drones are eco-friendly, as they do not require any fuel for their operation.

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Drones are the efficient way of delivering packages

Drones are becoming an increasingly popular way of delivering packages because of their ability to travel quickly and cover long distances in relatively short time periods.

Increased Efficiency

Drones can deliver packages quickly, often faster than traditional delivery methods. This increased efficiency can help businesses save time and money.

Cost Savings

By reducing the time and energy needed to deliver packages, businesses can save on labor costs.


Drones can fly in predetermined routes and avoid obstacles, making them less likely to be involved in an accident.

Environmental Benefits

Drones are powered by electric motors, meaning they produce less pollution than delivery vehicles.


Drones can be used to deliver in remote areas or areas that are difficult to access. This can help to increase the reach of businesses.

Faster Deliveries

Drones can fly directly to their destination, eliminating the need for multiple stops, which saves time and money.

24/7 Operations

Drones do not need to rest like pilot do. They can be monitored remotely via satellite, allowing them to fly for extended periods of time.

Access to Customers

Drones provide customers with real-time access to goods, services, and information, in areas where traditional methods of communication are limited.

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